Karen Chronister – Marketing Specialist, Writer, Creative Director

Karen Chronister

“You have a story to tell…”

“You have a story to tell. Someone to reach. I build bridges. Listen closely, and paint word pictures. The materials? Your Story. Your Voice. Fresh Ideas. Visuals. Compelling Content. Create a clean, consistent, and conversational voice in your marketplace. The right words will cover the gap. When I help a dreamer (an individual, business owner or organization) find the ones who need or want what he or she has to offer by painting a story in broad and fine strokes, that makes me happy.”

The WordShop Specialities: Creative Project Manager, The Conversational ProfileMarket StrategyPrint and Digital Content (Bios, Interviews, Articles, Promotional, Social Media, Web), WordPress Customization, Travel Writing, Business Development, Editing, and Workshops. Industries:Travel & Tourism, Healthcare, Wellness, Entrepreneurial, Architectural Salvage, Building and Restoration, Academic. Programs: Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, Mac, Microsoft Office, WordPress.