7 Unusual Brand Advertising Options To Maximize And Stylize Your Business Exposure

Shelf-life and surprise, as well as problem-solving and fun, are smart advertising considerations when choosing promotional products. So are demographics, location, and strategic goals. Simply, how long will the object sporting your logo or slogan stick around as one of your branding platforms? A baseball hat, for instance, generally has a healthy life and might bob around the county embroidered with your logo for a long time, making it a solid choice. And, most people wear the same few baseball hats until they are in tatters, so, that’s a lot of miles on your investment. What about the element of surprise, joining or starting a trend, and striking an emotional cord? Could your advertising take the form of helpful advice in a local magazine, website, or blog? Maybe you like to make a big splash. Nothing beats a boldly stated—yet, deceptively simple—banner fluttering behind a biplane or sweeping across a hot air balloon. Matchbooks might not the hot promotional go-to they used to be, but we still want a pack in the drawer to light a birthday candle or fire pit. Less matchbooks around town mean your matchbook is more likely to get grabbed, especially if you print something pithy or wise on the front flap. Speaking of fun, how about a temporary tattoo of your logo for a local festival? Be sure to include a message that supports the event and is not age specific, since it’s more likely to be displayed immediately. What does unusual branding say about your business? That you’re creative. You think outside the box. And, maybe, just maybe, you don’t take yourself too seriously, so potential customers can expect some fun when they’re doing business with you or using your services. If that doesn’t give you an edge over your competition and make everyone feel good, I don’t what does. Know who you want to target and WHAT you want to say, and then, think shelf-life, surprise, problem-solving, and fun…

A few unusual choices:

• Adult Coloring Book or page about your business
• Luxury Embroidered Bath Robe
• Cold and Flu Kit
• Flying Banners (Planes, balloons, falcons…)
• Fooseball Game
• Helpful Content (Goodwill advice, sets up your business as area industry expert)
• Matchbooks (Remember these?)
• Travel Umbrella
• Youth Sports Fields Billboards
• Temporary Tattoos

Here’s a handful of area businesses that specialize in promotional products and/or marketing:

• Blink Marketing http://www.blinkmarketing.com
• Go Imprints https://www.goimprints.com
• Holliday Promos http://hollidaypromos.com
• Middle Tennessee Hot Air Adventures http://www.hotairballoonadvertising.com
• Neutzler-Jackson Gifting http://njgifting.com
• Locomotion Creative http://locomotioncreative.com
• Deon van Deventer http://www.GopherEnterprises.com
• USImprints https://www.usimprints.com

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