Hit Songwriter Bonnie Baker

Music — Hunter Hayes’ Co-Writer of “Invisible”   “If people are in their sweet spot, then they won’t have the energy or time to be hateful or mean spirited with each other. I believe everyone is creative, but it’s different to want to make a living at it.” Occupation: Professional Songwriter, Instructor Location: East Nashville […]

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Originally published on SongTown Talk newsletter in February 2016. SongTownUSA©2016.  Occupation: Musician, All Around Farm Hand Band/Duo: TOWNE Location: Nashville, TN Birthplace: Somerset, KY “Runnin’ Into You” by TOWNE (Games We Play EP) Good morning, Jon! You Devious Angel, you… Morning to you too, Karen! Thanks for having me. Our duo actually just changed our […]

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The Arts—Rob Hendon

Occupation: Artist Location: Nashville, TN ROB HENDON: “I’m Inspired by the Acoustic Guitar…It Represents Songwriting” There’s a gratefulness to your paintings. A positivity. It’s out of sheer enjoyment. And, I love to paint. People notice faces in my paintings. Everyone sees something positive. I seriously paint, but I don’t take myself seriously. I don’t worry about […]

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