WilliamsonMarkets: The Typical Visitor To Williamson County And How To Capture Their Business

Williamson County receives accolades every year for lifestyle, entertainment, dining, family-oriented street events, and more. That’s a powerful way to attract visitors, and we do, in the tens of thousands. So, it’s a smart, savvy move for your Williamson County business to get to know the typical tourist and visitor. Seize opportunities to serve them—and […]

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Amélie’s: A French Bakery and Coffee Shop

Originally published at (now Redistributed by Amelie’s French Bakery across social media platforms (because “You get it, Karen!). KarenChronister©2013. Downtown Charlotte, North Carolina, looks a little too planned for this North-easterner. I’m absolutely not bragging about Philly, my nearest big market metro, but I’ll use it as an example of what I expect […]

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Making Limoncello

Originally published on April 2012 and at (now, KarenChronister©2012. The gloaming time at Spannocchia brings easy laughter and Limoncello, a homemade Italian lemon liqueur that delights all but the teetotalers on the multi-national guest list. Spannocchia is a diamond of a place to stay, half-buried in the Tuscan landscape just outside of […]

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