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Finding Ice Cream Near Franklin, TN

9 Shops Near Franklin With Ice Cream and More!

Williamson County frozen custard and ice cream

It’s hard to believe that the ice cream cone was invented a little over 100 years ago. An Italian immigrant living in New York City introduced this cooling, culinary treat in 1896. It proved a big hit at the St. Louis World’s Fair in 1904. Since then, we’ve carried on this in-your-face love affair with portable ice cream and endured—enjoyed, even—brain freeze as a rite of passage. Ice cream is a mood lifter, a sweet-treat cooler, a welcome guest at family gatherings, and of course, an after-work stress reliever. And, who says brain freeze is a bad thing? A 2017 study by Yoshihiko Koga, a professor at Tokyo’s Kyorin University, suggests that eating a scoop of ice cream immediately upon rising can lead to “an increase in high-frequency alpha waves.” It turns out early-rising ice cream eaters scored better on mental tests when compared with ice water drinkers. But, enough about studies. Before Summer rolls into cooler weather, you’ve got a plethora of choices featuring Williamson County’s own frozen custard, homemade ice cream and gelato, and paletas (popsicles).

Here’s the sweet short list for finding ice cream around Franklin, TN:

1. Andy’s Frozen Custard – “The custard is always served within one hour after it is made.” – 4941 Main Street, Spring Hill, TN
2. High Brow Coffee & Tea – 188 Front St, Set 102, Franklin, TN
3. Hwy 55 Burgers Shakes & Fries – 7240 Nolensville Rd, Nolensville, TN
4. Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams – 230 Franklin Rd, Franklin, TN (The Factory)
5. Kilwin’s – “Original recipe ice cream” – 405 Main Street, Franklin, TN
6. Nucci’s Gelato – 600-B Frazier Drive, St 100, Franklin, TN
7. Paletas Tocumbo – “Real ingredients…fresh fruit.” – 1334 West Main Street, Franklin, TN
8. SmallCakes Cupcakes & Ice Cream – 1114 Hillsboro Road, Franklin, TN
9. Whit’s Frozen Custard – “Homemade fresh every day.” – 4020 Hughes Crossing, Suite 100, Franklin, TN