Dr. Alvin’s Business Referral Network features The WordShop:


“Thank you so much Karen. Truly though, it was a delight for us. You had everything dialed in. You had a great tech guy there and the audience was wonderful. It’s been one of our very favorite shows.” —On Stage Alaska team, Holland America

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—Social Media Shout-outs from Craft Content Nashville on “Becoming A Story Architect: Story Is Content” presentation.

“You’re the bomb, Karen!”   —Gina Mekky, Savvy Saver Card


“I actually had to try really hard to find something–careful writers like you make it difficult for an editor to feel needed, you know? I like your attitude, Lady…Your enthusiastic attitude is a warm piece of fresh-baked bread at grandma’s house…You’ve found a welcoming home for this story.” —Terry Rogers, Menda City Review

“We’re so thankful for everything you do for us. We couldn’t do it! We need your ideas!” —Bob Neff Tours, Inc.

“My daughter loves you—and she would tell me otherwise! Thank you for working with her writing this year. She’s excited about what she’s writing.” —from a student’s parent (writing and language arts mentoring)