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WilliamsonHelps: How To Help With Hurricane Harvey Disaster Relief

Hurricane Harvey is causing catastrophic flooding and destruction in coastal Texas, dumping almost 52 inches of rainfall, thousands have been rescued and thousands are still waiting for help to arrive. First responders are risking their lives around the clock and fighting deep fatigue. The scenes are a haunting reminder of our own historic and devastating flood in 2010. FEMA is urging Houston citizens to help with the rescue efforts, especially those with boats. The news coverage is scary and frustrating from a distance: a roomful of elderly retirement home residents chest deep in water, babies swaddled against unrelenting rain, children perched on shoulders not far above the water, animals drenched and sticking close to their owners, and the once-stranded huddled together in boats. The images and stories are unfolding in real-time as we watch. And, it’s not over. The most vulnerable need our help now—and will require it in the weeks, months, and perhaps, years ahead. What can we do from Williamson County? We can donate money to help feed first responders, supply shelters, and provide basic needs as the rescues continue. The call to donate blood has risen as the current supply is threatened or compromised. When the time comes to rebuild, we can continue to donate and volunteer. For now, trust reputable agencies and organizations trained in disaster relief efforts to assess the immediate and long-term needs. Thank you, Williamson Business, for helping those on the ground…or searching for higher ground.

Reputable organizations to help with Hurricane Harvey rescue and recovery:

1. Kroger partners with Red Cross—Shoppers can “add any amount they want to donate to their total purchase at checkout.”
2. The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee “Hurricane Harvey Recovery Fund”—Donate ONLINE
3. Catholic Charities of Tennessee
4. American Red Cross—Donate ONLINE OR TEXT the word HARVEY to 90999 to make a $10 donation OR by PHONE: 1-800-435-7669
5. World Vision Disaster Relief
6. Habitat for Humanity
7. Salvation Army—Donate ONLINE OR by PHONE: 1.800.SAL.ARMY
8. Coalition for the Homeless of Houston/Harris County
9. Texas Diaper Bank
10. SPCA of Texas
11. Driscoll Children’s Hospital Development Fund —“taking in evacuated NICU babies”