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WilliamsonMarkets: The Typical Visitor To Williamson County And How To Capture Their Business

Williamson County receives accolades every year for lifestyle, entertainment, dining, family-oriented street events, and more. That’s a powerful way to attract visitors, and we do, in the tens of thousands. So, it’s a smart, savvy move for your Williamson County business to get to know the typical tourist and visitor. Seize opportunities to serve them—and don’t be shy about vying for their business.

Where to Find Demographics

Most CVBs (Convention and Visitor’s Bureaus) have up-to-date demographics on visitors, while most Chamber of Commerce’s have information on upcoming conventions and business gatherings. Why does knowing the “typical” or “anticipated” visitor and their habits matter? They have wants and needs when they roll into our town that we can meet while they’re away from home.

When traveling and playing, the visitor may seek entertainment, a rental car and bed, outdoor life, souvenirs, unique clothing, historical tours, culinary treats, and furnishings—you’d be surprised how many people shop out of town and ship large items home. They may also need on-the-road comforts like sunscreen, hats, outdoor wear, special diet foods, spa services. You name it, you know what you have to offer.

Ask the Right Questions

What are their staying habits? What do they do and where do they visit while they’re here? How long do they stay? What are the first, second, and third tiers of “things to experience” while in Williamson County? How can you get their attention? Anticipate their needs. Welcome them with a sign at your door and a “special.” Rent a billboard. Take out an ad in the local town flyer. Put a rack card in the CVB display. Rent booth space at the festival.

Equestrians frequent Williamson County for polo matches. Families arrive for one of the most popular pumpkin festivals in the state. Dickens fans show up dressed in period garb. Where will they be spending their money? Once you’ve gathered the demographics, talk with your team about how you can meet their needs and wants.

The Typical Visitor to Franklin, TN

Take, for instance, the typical visitor to Franklin, Tennessee. According to the Williamson County CVB, she is female, over 50, traveling with other female family members and friends, and enjoys culinary delights and shopping. How to dive into this information and get to the concrete action? Peruse your menu, shelves, online store, and services to create a list of things you already have, or should have. Cast a wide net: what apps and services they’ll use, events they’ll attend, attractions they’ll visit, and seek out opportunities to advertise or partner. Write blogs or social media blurbs or reach out to local travel writers who target this specific traveler. Get in front of them.

We think it’s a good idea to keep an eye on Williamson County’s many special and business events and plan ahead. The list is long! We, here at Williamson Business, will gather more demographic profiles and deliver them to you as they unfold.

Original Column published 11/9/17 on Williamson Business.